Saturday, 2 April 2011


Blog entry 1st of April

Had the earliest start ever this morning. Pick up time from hotel 2:50 am, I call that in the middle of the night... still alive though, waiting for our flight to Vienna to start boarding. If everything goes as planned I will end up in Flekkefjord, Norway, around 3 o'clock this afternoon. Just have to stop in Vienna, Frankfurt and Stavanger first ;)

But, the reason I'm writing is that I have to tell you about Skopje. I really enjoyed the two days in the capital of Macedonia. Such a nice place with a beautiful old city (our hotel was situated in that part) and so warm and welcoming people in the orchestra! Had an amazing lunch with Roza from the orchestra and the conductor at a great (and very cheap compared to Norway) French restaurant sitting outside in 20 degrees celsius!

Also so nice that one of my very best friends that I've known since we were both 6 years old, Dagrun, could come with me ;)

Here are som pictures:

Boarding now....
Tine ;)
Alexander the Great Airport, Skopje

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  2. You are just Amazing thank you.

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  4. Alexander=Αλέξανδρος=
    Αλέξιος+άνδρας (ancient greek words meaning worthy man)

    Φίλος+Ίππος (ancient greek words meaning friend of horses)

    Μακε+εδνος (ancient greek words meaning long land)

    we also discovered the GREEK style tomb of Alexander in Egypt....

    Admit it..your goal is to integrate with Greece cause thats what is going to happen one way or another...You should be gratefull for your identity..Trying to steal other's poses you as week and ashamed