Monday, 21 March 2011

Video from Røros

YouTube Video

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Blog entry 21st of March

The sun is shining!! Wonderful ;)
Just finished three hours of press for a new release that I'm part of. The Staff Band of the Norwegian Armed Forces' new CD is full of Nordic music fir wind band. Together with conductor Ole Kristian Ruud I contribute with one trumpet concerto by Jukka Linkola. Great piece! Loved the process and looking forward to performing it, hopefully this autumn ;)

Wednesday last week was my Royal Albert Hall debut - Classic FM Live was a blast! Really enjoyed it. Friday was different but also great! My quartet, TTHQ, played at Studentimpulser in Bergen, and we had the greatest time. Including a video here of my band mates jamming backstage...

YouTube Video

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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Backstage at Grieghallen

It's me again. And quite some extraordinary days in Røros - such an amazing looking place! Lovely to meet up with good musician friends and also to meet new ones ;)

And I also wanted to answer some questions that people ask me a lot (also here at the blog comment section ;) )

My instruments:
Bb trumpet - Bach Stradivarius 37
C trumpet - Yamaha Xeno Chicago
Eb trumpet - Schilke
Piccolo - Yamaha and Schagerl

Bach 1 1/4 C

Thanks for lovely comments about my Carnegie Debut! My last encore was Libertango by Astor Piazzolla. And of course I would love to come to all the countries in the world and play ... ;) just check out my web site for concert dates.

Rehearsal now - have to be on stage.

Tine ;)

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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Between Oslo and Røros

Blog entry 9th of March

Is it really possible that time are flying by at this horribly rapid speed?!? Already 8 days of March has been filled with concerts and a lot of thinking. Sometimes it feels like over 50% of what happens in my life actually goes on inside my head... Sometimes it's cozy in there, other times quite hectic - and right now it's the latter. A lot of stuff to sort out, I might be making things bigger than they actually are, but at least these 5 hours at the train gives me a lot of time to explore every single thought up there ;)

I'm looking forward to coming to Røros, it will be my first time! A festival with so many friends so I don't really see another option than having a great time.

For all you Norwegians out there reading this you should also start to follow the blog tenThing has just started! Promise you that you will get to know us all better. Maybe you watched the Norwegian Grammy on Saturday? We absolutely loved playing there!
Anyway, here's a picture of me from backstage:

Wishing you all the best from inside my head - in the middle of all my thoughts ;)

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