Saturday, 26 February 2011

On my way home from New York

Blog entry 25th of February 2011

It’s been quite a while since my last entry. Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, and what a year so far! My schedule before Christmas Eve was hectic, I actually landed in Oslo on the morning of the 24th – and that’s when my holiday started. Great to have good friends with me when I’m touring, Dagrun (my best friend since we were both 6 years old) celebrated early Christmas in Zurich, and Maren joined me for a spa experience (and a concert of course…!) at Schloss Elmau in Germany at my very soft beginning of the season in January ☺

So, I’m in the air again! Feels like this is the time I like the best to write something. I’m on a flight from New York to Stockholm, and then I have another flight home to Oslo. Had a very exiting, long week in the big apple! Started with the final destination of me and Håvard Gimse’s recital tour: the Carnegie Hall. We had some concerts in Germany as well, and I just love touring with Håvard. Amazing pianist, but also a great travel companion – that is also very important! So, I just have to way that New York really was a mind-blowing experience, so special to me. It’s not every day you play in Carnegie Hall, and I really appreciate the wonderful audience that made it so easy for me to perform, they made me feel at home and that is the best feeling an artist can have on stage.
Sorry – have to go, “…as we are about to land…” is heard over the speakers! Will write more at Arlanda ☺

I wanted to write more at Arlanda, but I fell asleep… In front of many people… while we were sitting and eating… I heard people laughing, but I couldn’t help it, too tired… Not caring… Zzzzz…

At home now, trying to fight my jetlag! A lot of crazy things going on now, and I will make sure to tell you as soon as I can… Very proud of the feature in BBC Music Magazine this month ☺

Will write more soon, now I just have to sleep…