Monday, 19 July 2010


Blog entry 16th of July 2010

Á Coruna Aeroporto (Airport)

One hour until my plane is supposed to head for Madrid, it’s 6 am in the morning… Sitting at the gate, it’s very dark outside – and it’s raining. I’ve just finished a short tour in Spain together with the Trondheim Soloists, three concerts in the northern part of the country: Santiago de Compostella, Lugo and Ferrol. My last destination today is not Madrid. I will – if everything goes as planned – end up in Trollhättan in Sweden later today. My route today is: Á Coruna – Madrid – Amsterdam – Gothenburg, and then I will go by car to Trollhättan. Or rather, someone will drive me to Trollhättan. My drivers license is yet to be qualified for, I’m really a late bloomer in that area. The thing is, in Oslo, it’s no problem not to have a drivers license. I live so close to the centre with very good public transport connections that I can get wherever I want in quite a short time. So – therefore I have postponed my driving career to a later time in life…

I had a really nice time here in Spain, I will post some pictures so you can see some of the nice things I’ve experienced. We lived in Santiago de Compostella – an old beautiful city – with the most amazing Cathedral. A lot of Pilgrims come here, especially this year as it is what they call a holy year. Also arriving in Spain on Monday was quite great – the day after their great victory in the world championship! The national soccer team were actually supposed to arrive in Madrid at the same time as us! Unfortunately their plane was delayed.

So, here you see some pictures :)

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