Friday, 20 May 2011

I'm an EMI Classics Artist :)

Blog entry 20th of May 2011

We have to stop meeting like this...
You can only guess were I am right now. That's right - up in the sky! I've just answered 13 emails and gone through my itinerary for the next 12 days, when I remembered that I hadn't written that blog entry about my EMI signing that I've been wanting to do for some weeks now.

19th of April was a truly exciting day for me. I flew over to London in the morning, checked in to my hotel in Kensington, went for some express stress-relaxing shopping, walked around one of my favorite neighborhoods in London (behind Royal Albert Hall) and tried to really enjoy and memorize everything so that I can think back on this day when I get old, and then - at 6pm - I entered the great EMI building. And from that on everything became very overwhelming. So many enthusiastic and happy people cheering, drinking champagne, eating EMI and trumpet muffins. Eric (the boss), Andrew (the A&R), Ed (my manager) and myself signed the contract - huge moment for me.
After the big gathering were I got to meet everyone from all the different departments there was a nice dinner with my amazing management team (Kathryn, Ed, Clare and Clare ;)) and some of the EMI Classics people. I can't wait to start working with everyone (well, I've actually already started and it's great!) and look forward to work out some new and exciting artistic concepts and record ideas.

I only have one thing to say - you're allowed to dream - and before you know it, it might just come true!

Yours from the road,
Tine :)

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