Sunday, 17 April 2011

On my way home from Brno

Blog entry 16th of April

In the air between Vienna and Oslo

I'm up in the sky again. It's been a lot of that lately... I'm sure I've already told you that I'm supposedly afraid of flying - well, I've just decided to forget all about that. It's no use when you spend so much time up here as I do. Besides, they say that flying is more safe than driving a car so...
Today the weather is perfect, no clouds which means that you can see everything that's happening on the ground as well. Not that I look down, I mean - hello - I'm afraid of heights... There's a lot of thing I'm scared of. But hey, I'm not complaining, that's just life :)

I've had the most amazing week in Brno. Brno is situated only one and a half hour driving from Vienna, and it's the second largest city in the Czech Republic. When I travel I always get a feeling of the city I'm in, if I feel comfortable, safe etc. Brno looks like a miniature version of Vienna and feels warm, welcoming and definitely both safe and comfortable. The orchestra is good, but most importantly the musicians are so generous both with their musicality and friendliness. I can say the same about their Chief conductor Alexandar Markovìc, a joy to work with. Two enjoyable concerts in a nice concert hall (a small version of Musikverein in Vienna, same architect), with a lovely and warm audience - can you ask for anything better?

It's time for my Easter holiday next week. Looking forward to spending time with my mother and little sister, I've been away so much the last month, so good to spend some nice days at home together. Lot of things to be done in our house, so I will try to be as useful as possible... Let's see how that goes!

Just some pictures from Hanover last week:

Lovely carrot flowers!
And here from Brno:

Not easy to stay awake backstage after a long day... Don't think the Schubert Symphony had anything to do with it...

That was all from up here,
Tine :)

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  1. Happy Easter from Italy!

  2. Hi Tina

    It goes out to travel in there is no terminal, and it is serious.
    A building and various things of your photograph are fresh from Japan on the edge of Asia in a novel manner.

    However, there was a photograph of the sushi.
    Is the salmon in Norway still delicious??
    Because the salmon in Japan is also delicious, it eats once.

    Does that sushi use "Japanese Horse-radish"?
    Though it thinks the sushi to be approval only after the Japanese horse-radish is tasted ‥