Friday, 8 April 2011

In a car in Germany

Blog entry 8th of April

I just fell asleep in the car. The Finnish singers were talking in Finnish, the car is very comfortable, the sun is shining through the window so it gets warm inside the car - but most importantly it got a bit late last night... woke up by my own snoring (quite embarrassing...)!
I'm in Hannover playing with the wonderful NDR Radiophilharmonie. They have a Norwegian Chief Conductor, Eivind Gullberg Jensen, and he invited us to his apartment after the concert last night. It's so nice after a performance to have some social time with the others. Extra special this week is that they have a visiting Norwegian Concertmaster, so a real Norwegian trio in front - fun ;)

As I were saying we are in the car. New concert tonight, new place but same reportoire. Hummel is a great piece to play. The concert last night was definitely fun, full hall and nice atmosphere, but some concerts I find it hard to focus - last night was one of those. I guess when you play concerts all the time it's hard to have the same concentration and focus in all of them, but I hope that it will feel better tonight. Because that's the thing, even though I might not have complete focus it still goes well (most of the times anyway... :)), it's just that I want to feel good, feel great actually, because there is nothing better than a performance were you just forget everything else and live in the music.

A friend will visit me tonight, always great to have a friendly face among the audience ;)
Including a picture of the Maestro and myself trying to figure out how to take pictures with this iPad.

That's all for now. Will enjoy tonight, try to focus - and at my early flight home tomorrow I will definitely stay awake, snoring among total strangers on a plane that IS embarrassing :)
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  1. At 60 years old; I listen to your music. It brings back the warmth and
    soul of the trumpet, I feltl in my youth. Sorry but I stopped as
    life moved on; and I was frustrated with my self. I did however win a few
    music contests, in high school, solo. Might I ask, the training, who trained you; and the process? My apologies; I wish not to take such valued time of yours; that someone might respond for you, would be kind. My prayers for you and all your loved ones. My most sincere thanks. As a retired Military officer, have you ever recorded 'Il Silenzio'? Thank you kindly for your music, and joy of life you bring in your music. Most graciously; and 'Bravo'; from Akron Ohio.

  2. Hello Tine! You play amazing ,and looks too ;) You know who this Timofey Dokshizer? I think this is the best player of classical music on the trumpet Bb. What do you think? He play concertos Hummel's and Haydn's on the trumpet Bb)

  3. So I uploaded for you on Youtube one of the preludes of Bach from CD by Dokshitser. I think that if you listen to. something to remember for a lifetime who is Timofey Dokshizer. So do not play more than one!

  4. Dokshizer plays very well, yet 'my ear', hears less timbre and sonority.

    Tine has zietgeist and her productions are sonorant.

  5. Do not have two great musicians who have played the same way, such Dokshizer only one, and he is a great musician, Tine too! And nobody has ever played a concert Arutiunian since his playing Dokshizer!) And a lot of other music too)
    For DW

  6. I think that Tine understand that Dokshizer is not only a "very well "

  7. I feel sorry for Tine that will read it all) Here are 3 part of the concert Hummel (Dokshizer, Bb trumpet). He played the preludes on trumpet C. ;)

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