Saturday, 27 November 2010

On tour with the Trondheim Soloists

Blog entry 27th of November 2010

On tour with the Trondheim Soloists

It’s cold outside….

-17 degrees Celsius, that is really cold. No other way of saying it and this was the temperature yesterday in Trondheim. I’m going on tour to Switzerland and Germany with the Trondheim Soloists, not the first time on tour with them, always a pleasure! Five concerts on eight days, so that is not too bad - Berlin and Cologne are among the cities we’ll be visiting. Four trumpet concertos on the repertoire – a different mix in every concert ☺

The last month and the next is really busy – I’m not home much – feels like I’m constantly on the road. It’s strange how well I adjust to this lifestyle. The last weeks have included Sweden with Gävle Symphony Orchestra and Venezuelan conductor Christian Vasquez, concert at a “castle” with my friend Ida on harp, Tour of Finnmark (the very north of Norway) and meeting very nice people in Inderøy! When I say that I adjust well I mean that I enjoy it – but there are still some times when I wish that each day had 48 hours…. So that I could be home more. At the moment, my mother, little sister and me are moving to a new house! It’s all very exciting – but I’m not at home. So my mother has to do everything, and that is not so easy for me, I feel sad for not being there. Not being able to help with all the things that has to be done – all the unexpected things that arrives (!) – and to say a proper goodbye to the place I’ve lived for the last 13 years. When I left this Wednesday it was the last time I’ll carry my heavy suitcase and all my trumpets down the two long stairs, because when I come back on Monday in little over a week the new house will be our home. I wont be there long though, only one night and then I’m off again. That’s my life – and I love it – but at times like this I also wish that I had the ability to be two places at once ☺

Trying to eat my salad (can really recommend the pasta salads on SAS, not bad for flight food!) and writing. I’ve really got the hang of doing useful things while flying lately – for instant I find it the perfect time to answer emails. Of course they will not be sent until I come to the nearest Wi-Fi (at the hotel or airport) but it feels great just to have done it! Right now also enjoying Josh Groban’s new Album “Illuminations”, perfect music to listen to with all the noise from the airplane.

I will try to write more soon,
Best from high up in the sky,
Tine :-)

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