Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Up in the air...

Blog entry 19th of October 2010

It’s funny how every single person sees themselves as the centre of their own universe. Every one of us has different priorities, goals and thoughts concerning how we should live our lives. High up in the air everything seems small. All the houses are like tiny dots, the clouds look like sweet candy, the cars are like moving bacteria under a microscope – the reality seems far away. I love flying. I mean, I should correct myself; I love flying as long as there is no turbulence. I hate turbulence. Luckily for me, today’s first flight is so far without any turbulence. The movement of a plane just drifting away is so calming, it goes so smooth – and then you can kind of forget about all the crazy things down there. As soon as the turbulence comes you are awaken – reminded that the world still goes on, your life is still down there waiting for you.

I’m on my way to France. This will be my official debut here, and I’m very much looking forward to it! Four concerts with Orchestre National de Lille and conductor Michael Stern, Hummel’s trumpet concerto is on the program.

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I can say I’m sorry because I kind of am, but at the same time this is how it’s always going to be. That’s how I am – sometimes I write – sometimes I don’t. But my goal is of course that there should be more dos than don’ts.
The last three months has been great! So many wonderful experiences. And for those of you who like bird song – I’m also on Twitter! I’m quite good at updating that one ☺ Trying to post some impressions from the road – funny. Also great way to communicate, thanks for all the comments!

So – that’s it for now. Just wanted to show you how a dressing room full of wigs and a crazy conductor can be the perfect mix. No idea why he didn’t use that one on stage…
Yours from the road
Tine ☺


  1. Hi,

    Thank you very much for your concert in Lille. Great performance! Don't hesitate to come back in France ^^

    Sébastien, hornist

  2. Hey Tine, what is your Twitter account?

  3. Hej Tine,

    hope I will see you one day in South of Germany, you are not only a great artist but also still "normal" that makes you very much likeable!

    Take care,

    Olaf from Freiburg