Sunday, 18 October 2009

The winter is arriving

Blog entry 18th of October 2009

Düsseldorf - Germany

I am sitting at my hotel room in Düsseldorf. The TV is on, Mahler’s 1st symphony with Los Angeles Philharmonic and Gustavo Dudamel, while I write to you. I am sorry for all the time that has gone by since my last entry. My intentions has been good all the way, I really wanted to write sooner. But, here I am again.

I practically just got of stage at the Tonhalle here in Düsseldorf, concert with Mendelssohn Kammerorchester Leipzig. Very nice concert, I really enjoyed it. Tomorrow I fly for St.Petersburg, and after a couple of hours on the road I will be in Novgorod. I am on a long tour at the moment, not back home until the 3rd of November; I promise I will write to you on the road.

Some pictures from my last two months ☺

First one from the concert with the Oslo Philharmonic on the 10th of September, I did Birtwistle's Endless Parade (as I told you about in my last entry). It was SO much fun! This was a huge goal for me, and I just simply really had a great time onstage. A real kick!

Then you see me the next day at my friend Frida’s house, making pizza! So nice, that is the differences in my life, and do I love them!

Now, something weird happend to the internet connection and the uploading of pictures... But next time you will see these pictures aswell:
In Norway they clearly start Christmas celebrations in some stores way too early. Date: 4th of October!

And last a couple of pictures from the making of my new music video! Yes, my new CD is soon arriving, and now it is official, it is a Christmas album. I had the best tome making the album (with the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Elise Båtnes(leader) and Isa Gericke (soprano)), and wow did we have fun making the video! This is a little taste of what’s coming. I will let you know all about it of course.

So, hopefully you will here from me in a couple of days (with pictures...),
Until then, enjoy life ☺


  1. What a Pizza!
    Not exaclty "Italian style"...
    Greetings from an italian fan... waiting for Christmas Album!

  2. Hmm, what an interesting journal. I just can't imagine how fun it would be to travel around so often; you must be tired too! Anyway, this may sound a bit ironic, but as a clarinet player I am quite influenced by your stunning trumpet playing! I'm also very interested to hear more of your recordings and attend your concerts in the future. Thanks and take care.
    -John []

  3. I'm Herbert Douglas I'm From Brazil.

    Born 16 Abriu 1980
    Origin: São Paulo - Brazil
    Genres: Classical
    May occupations Tumpeter
    Instruments: Trumpet
    I Love You...yes excelent trumpeter. kiss for you...congrectulesion....very, very nice...

    Tank you....

    Herbert Douglas Trumpeter