Monday, 31 August 2009

The summer is over

Blog entry 31st of August 2009

In my rehearsing room…

When the wind suddenly gets cold and wet you know that Mr. Autumn is taking over for Mrs. Summer. At least that was what I was told in kindergarten, and I still live after those funny and sweet little rhymes. Looking out of my window makes me grey. The clouds are grey, the rain is grey, the cars are grey, even the people walking by looks a little greyish to me (maybe someone should clean the windows…). It is the very last day of August, and I am enjoying a break and thinking about my summer. The break is only half an hour long, then my dear little child (my trumpet of course…) and I will start playing again. ☺

I know my writing has not been too often lately, and for that I am truly sorry. Sometimes the days fly by with the speed of a race car, suddenly a month has gone by, concerts have been played, flights have been delayed, friends have invited you for dinner, and you have become a year older. Yes, I am officially 22 years old. I even got a note in the paper, along with some politicians and TV-faces, which was a bit cool. With a picture and everything. Hopefully it will end by the third time I turn 30…

Of course you are all dying to know how my days in Italy were and I am glad to tell you that Ravello was absolutely amazing. Such a beautiful place! I will enclose some pictures!
After Ravello I played a concert in Drøbak, near Oslo, and me and Steffen (my pianist) was amazed at how many people showed up! The church was so full, and still a lot of people never came in. The audience was wonderful and I really enjoyed the concert. The Grieg-songs, Haugtussa, are so fantastic to play, I get to use all my emotions and just truly sing. I think deep down I am a wannabe-singer… After Drøbak was Oslo Grieg-festival, and then I went to Germany with Stavanger Symphony Orchestra for a festival called Musikalische Sommer Ost-Friesland. Then there was Oslo Chamber music festival, and back to Germany for Festspiele Mecklenburg Vorpommern. And last I was in a little town near Zurich, Ermatingen, for a recital with Christian Ihle Hadland. Now I have a week of before I play with the Oslo Philharmonic next week. Sir Harrison Birtwistle, Endless Parade, for the ULTIMA festival in Oslo. A contemporary music festival.

Endless Parade is a real challenge for me and I am both very excited and terrified. Or to be correct, I was terrified up until last week. I got a vision, or something, and I suddenly started to just really enjoy myself. I see it as a way of getting out a lot of hidden frustration and screaming. Who wants to spend money on a shrink when you can get it all out through the music!?!?

My half an hour break is over, time to play with my baby again ☺
Until next time, remember to clean your windows, Mr. Autumn is grey enough as he is.
Tine ☺

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