Tuesday, 3 February 2009


Blog entry 3rd of February 2009

I have this great hotel room here in Stavanger, it is huge although it’s only supposed to be a single room. I do get kind of a royal feeling, thank you to whoever arranged this. You do know how to make a girl feel welcome!

I arrived here yesterday and played a concert last night together with Stuttgart Chamber orchestra, the same orchestra I played with in Tromsø last week. Great orchestra and great audience. No crazy photographers snatching hundreds of photographs for the local newspaper (seriously, sometimes you would think they believed they where invisible!), and I didn’t fall on my way on to the stage. So all in all it was great experiences.

Sunday was another long visit to Heathrow. First I must tell you that I had a wonderful time in Belfast, and the orchestra and conductor Roy Goodman was so great to work with. It was an all-baroque program, and I think I have completely fallen in love with playing this music. I mean, I have always liked it, but lately I get this amazingly content feeling when I play it. I get all excited about hemiols and small rhythmic patterns and twists, I hope this is a good sign. (But maybe if I start to talk too much about it in this blog, someone should warn me…)

I updated my profile picture, you see me standing outside the city hall in Belfast.

Well, I have to leave you then. I am on my way to rehearse a little bit, I go home to Oslo tonight. (No food on this flight though, SAS do not serve food on domestic flights that are as short as Stavanger-Oslo, and especially not on my Happy-prize ticket). I am working on a new piece, a commission, by Wolfgang Plagge. I am premiering it on Thursday in Oslo. First rehearsal tomorrow, looking forward!

So, until next time…


  1. Dear Tine,
    It is just inspiring to see what you do and to hear you playing.
    I am a hobby trumpetplayer from Holland. My teacher Theo Laanen played in the residency orchestra in The Hague.
    I wish you joy and success, (wich you clearly have allready).
    If you come to Holland, I will visit your concert!
    love and good wishes,

    Gerrit Jan Gerritsma

  2. Your music and your inspired performance touch my heart. Sorry I missed the concert at Lillestrøm. Hope to hear you in Oslo. Rune.