Saturday, 14 February 2009

Arendal-Oslo by train

Blog Entry 14th of February 2009

Train is a comfortable way of travelling. Today I am on my way home to Oslo from Arendal. It is so much beautiful nature around me, I really get to refresh my love to the nature here in Norway. It is terribly cold outside, but the sun is shining, and you know how everything gets even more beautiful when it is cold. It is something about those cold degrees that makes the air shine in a special way.

I will not bore you with my romantic nature talk. (I do get like this when I watch and read romantic comedies, and that is the best way to get time to fly by!) Instead I actually have a really dramatic story to tell you.

It has been over a week since I last wrote a blog entry. If I remember right I were in Stavanger, enjoying my great hotel room very much ☺ Since that I have done a lot of things and concerts. I had a project going on with “Stabsmusikken” (the national band of armed forces) with a world premiere. That was a great experience, but here also comes the drama.

On Wednesday, three days ago, I had just arrived in Lillestrøm and was on my way to the dressing rooms backstage. Then the most surprisingly horrible thing happened; I slipped and fell on my way down the stairs. And I fell right on my trumpets! (Yes, this is the place where you should scream!) First I thought everything was going to be okay, but then I checked my C trumpet… The trigger got stuck and the second valve was a bit shaky. One and a half hour to the concert, what do you do?

Well, we tried to call everywhere and everyone to find someone who should fix my trumpet before the concert was supposed to start. But we didn’t have much time so it needed to be a place near Lillestrøm. We drove in to Oslo to fix it, but I had bad luck and my trumpet only got worse… it felt like my little baby was sick and I just wanted to hold her and tell her that she would be okay! Luckily one of the trumpeters in the orchestra had a C trumpet that I could borrow. The same brand and model as mine, but as you know; your own children are always the best. But, I am glad to say that everything turned out well! I got through the concert with my “stand-in” trumpet, and the day after I went to Sarpsborg and Hans Gunnar made my baby good again! He is a real lifesaver ☺

That was all the drama for today. Tomorrow I go to Trondheim and on Tuesday I am leaving for Asia. First stop: Tokyo!

Until next time, be careful when you walk the stairs…


  1. What a horrifying accident! But . . . did you really bring your trumpet naked and unprotected in your hand? I guess you cannot bring your instrument on stage in the instrument case. You are obviously strong and determined and managed to stay focused and deliver an excellent concert shortly after. Good luck in Japan. Take care.

  2. Hi

    What was the Cost for the Tickets from Arendal to Oslo ?

  3. What brand are your trumpets?