Saturday, 3 September 2011

Finally made another video... :)

Hi there,
Finally figured out how to use iMovie on my iPad - great stuff! And quite easy.... Here comes first video. It's from my tour with pianist Håvard Gimse February 2011.
Enjoy :)


YouTube Video

- Tine Thing Helseth 2011 -


  1. Hi Tine

    It seems to have said the first video shooting well.
    Is the cellular phone iphone?
    It looks forward to the sale of iphone5 because I am 3GS.

    Do it encounter and when do it come to the concert in , deflecting and Japan?

    Though it is thought that the fan to which it looks forward is a lot of ‥

    from taka

  2. Bellow, a poem by Vinicius de Moraes (a famous brazilian poet) about the depth of the eyes of a mysterious woman. I think it translates a little of the beauty in your eyes. (Márcio Roberto)

    "O beloved, what eyes your eyes are…
    Landing the night, humming a thousand goodbyes

    They are silent docks
    Watching the lights
    Far ... so far in the dark
    O beloved, what eyes ... your eyes are

    All these mysteries in your eyes
    All these vessels, all canvas
    All these shipwrecks in your eyes

    O my beloved with ungodly eyes
    One day, if God wanted,
    One day... I wish I could see
    The begging glance of poetry in your eyes...

    O my beloved, what eyes ... your eyes..."