Wednesday, 3 February 2010

On my way to Tromsø

Blog entry 3rd of February 2010

Oslo Airport Gardermoen

Eating pizza… I shouldn’t, really, but I just couldn’t help it. I just got the message that my flight was an hour delayed (because of late incoming cabin crew) and before a knew what had gotten into me I had ordered two slices of pizza and was paying for a bottle of sparkling water with the taste of mango. These things just happens… Looking at the bright side of the situation, I’m now enjoying some great pizza, and because of the delay, I have some extra time to write. Writing always calms me down, I should definitely do it more often.

I’m on my way to Tromsø, up in the north of Norway. There is a festival there, and I will play a concert on Friday. First rehearsal with the orchestra is tomorrow morning. Saturday, I go back to Oslo, and then on Sunday I start rehearsing with tenThing for our two concerts the next week. It’s been a long while since we were together, so I’m really looking forward to these days. We have a lot of exciting things coming up this year with the ensemble, so it’s going to be good to get started and feel how our reportoire is getting better and also expanding.

The last couple of weeks, since my latest entry, have been filled with wonderful experiences. I’ve played our official debut concert with Tine Thing Helseth Quartett (Jarle-guitar, Erik-perc and Aksel-bass), been to Kongsberg and played 5 concerts in one day ending with fun baroque concert with Barokksolistene and Bjarte Eike, played in Gstaad with Camerata Bern and Lorenza Borrani, had a recital with Vebjørn Anvik playing songs only, had masterclasses with great kids (everything from string quartet to guitar ensemble!), played charity concert for Haiti, visited and played with incredibly warm and generous people in Volda, and the list goes on. But, I must say that sometimes I feel a strong need to just be me, without my instrument and without my music. Just Tine. In some periods there isn’t so much time for that, and it can be very frustrating. But, I love what I do. You probably think; of course she does, but it’s something really strong. At some points stronger than anything else, so it’s not so weird that Tine without the trumpet sometimes gets a bit lost.

In the air between Oslo and Tromsø

Finally in the air, the flight is almost full. I’m seated at the aisle, a man at the window and the middle seat is free, I like that extra space. I like to watch people when I’m travelling. In all the different places you always see the same types, only in a different setting. Today, I’m joined by a lovely mix. Some American tourists, the whole Tromsø football team, some students who’s back from a study trip (as far as I can understand from their loud conversations at the airport), three middle-aged ladies who’s been enjoying the sun in Spain, husbands waiting to get home to their wife and children and then you also have the rest of us (including a cracy trumpet-playing, suitcase-living girl☺). I don’t mean to listen to people’s conversations, but sometime the combination of voice and volume is hard to block out… ☺

The flight is a bit bumpy today, maybe the pilot is flying as fast as he can to try to make the delay a little bit shorter than it already is. Anyway, if I don’t want to get sick, I think I have to say bye for now.

I’ll write soon again, until then, make sure not to do anything unexpected when your mind is set on the opposite, it might cause a brain-crash…
Tine ☺


  1. There's nothing wrong with eating PizzA!!!! If you enjoy it, then do it! yay! ..oh, what C and Eb trumpet do you use?

  2. Pizza is GREAT!
    C-trp: Yamaha Xeno, chicago
    Eb: Schilke E3L