Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Over the sea...

Blog entry 11th of December 2009

In the air between Amsterdam and Washington
KLM flight, seat 34B

So, it’s me and Obama today. Both flying from Oslo at 10:30, both heading for Washington DC! Unfortunately I didn’t get a ride… Air force One sure would have been a nice experience, I’m sure ☺ Next time…

I am so sorry I did not get back to you on the suitcase London-Vienna matter! What a bad blogger I am… Sorry that I keep you waiting for almost a month to let you know how it went, but luckily I did get my luggage back only a little bit too late. Had a very stressful day of running around at the airport in Vienna (Sunday, everything else in the whole city was closed…), finding a dress and everything else I needed. Forever greatfull to the lovely lady from Austrian who helped me!

Wahington! Looking forward. Food being served here… Coming back to you soon…
☺ Tine

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