Friday, 10 April 2009

Visiting Köln

Blog entry 9th of April 2009

In the air, between Düsseldorf and Oslo

High up in the air, looking down at Germany, soon Denmark and then Norway. I am on my way home from Köln…My very good friend Frida studies Cello in Köln and this was my first time visiting her. I arrived Monday, and it is Thursday today, so that means I have been there for three nights and almost four days ☺ I’ve had such a wonderful time! We managed to do so many different activities in a very short amount of time… Practising, visiting the Zoo along with Mari and Linnéa, practising, eating, visiting Düsseldorf, practising, see the Kölner Dome, walking over the Rhine, practising, go shopping, take the train and eat at a café near Barbarossa Platz. My flight was from Düsseldorf, only 40 min from Köln Hauptbahnhof. A nice little train ride ☺

My last blog entry was almost a month ago, it has been some hectic times, but now I am enjoying my Easter Holiday. Hopefully I will write more to you when I am of to work again next week. First stop: Sursée, Switzerland.

On Norwegian radio (NRK P2) everyday at 13 and 19 you can hear a new programme called “Kort og Klassisk”. This is a program for young people about classical music, I think this is amazing! Every week I write in a blog called , so make sure you check this as well ☺ (it is in Norwegian only…)

Ein bisschen deutsche: Frohe Ostern ☺ (My German is really bad, I have a goal though, to speak it almost fluent some time…)

Until next time,

PS: I also have my own twitter account, and I try to update it regularly.

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