Monday, 19 January 2009

Thoughts on the road: Airports

Blog-Entry, 19th of January 2009

You can observe so many unbelievably different people at an airport. You have the business-type, with his PC-bag and important look on his face. Like “I am on a mission, for work, I am important”. And of course they get really annoyed with the family of four in front of them in the security line. The family of four (mom, dad and two children, the boy pulling the hair of the girl, you get the picture), who are going on a long awaited family vacation. It always starts with arguing and stress through the security check. Shoes, jackets, belts, mums computer, dads blackberry, trying to get everything in the boxes, with a LONG line of business people behind them. All of them checking their watches, breathing heavily and looking extremely bored and stressed at the same time.

You may wonder why I am telling you this. Well, I do spend quite some time at airports. And there is a lot of waiting, so you might as well have some entertainment while you wait. Watching and observing all those different people is actually quite entertaining. You should try it yourself next time you have some spare minutes at an airport.

Heathrow, Terminal 5. I have installed myself with my laptop in a little cafĂ© called “PrĂȘt a Manger”. I like this place, they have good and easy food. Today it's a sandwich with chicken and avocado, chips (yes I know….), orange juice, sparkling water and carrot cake (yes, yes…). I spent almost the whole day in London, and I am heading back home for Oslo this evening. I have another hour until my flight is departing. And, that is why I am sitting here and writing to you (and a little bit to myself). There is a lot of funny stuff going on in a life as a travelling musician. No day is the same, and you do experience so many different situations, countries, people, food, you name it. I don’t know if you will find it particularly interesting to read about, but I will give you the chance. This is my “Blog on the (trumpet) Road”.

So, how do I spend my time at the airport? First I visit all the incredibly expensive shops. Window-shopping. Looking at all the bags and clothes I would love to by if they where ten percent the price they are. Then I check out the bookstore(s), check outs for books and magazines. There are no way getting time fly by like reading a book. Then I get some food, or at least something to drink (since I left my bottle of water at the security check). And if I still have time left, I rest, I check my laptop, or I just simply watch the people around me. Which was exactly what I was doing when I started to write this blog-entry.

So, now I have to eat my food, and then probably walk a bit around before I head for the gate. Oooh, well, my flight is delayed. I just checked the screen, delayed with 30 min. Well, my plane to London was delayed with 45min (a LOT of snow in Oslo today) so lets hope it's not so much more delays. My flight is landing very late in Oslo as it is. I am already longing for my bed ☺

Until next time, hopefully not too long,

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